It’s All Learning

I try to sneak in some reading any chance I get. Freelancing, raising a two year old and doing all those other things that have to be done during the day means I am usually up past my bedtime so I can finish another article or a chapter or two. Reading used to feel like an indulgence, but, as a writer, I figure I can justify it. Not only is it the way I prefer to spend my free time, but it is also good for my career. I always learn something new, either a technique or just a bit or information. 

I recently read this Hemingway quote, which gives me just one more way to justify all the time I spend reading: 

 "I think you should learn about writing from
everybody who has ever written that has anything to teach you." 
–Ernest Hemingway to F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1925
Selected Letters, page 176

Now…back to my book. 

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