And the Winners Are…

Oops! Special thanks to a loyal reader who pointed out yesterday’s post announcing the winners didn’t appear. That’s what happens when I try to schedule a post instead of doing it in real time. Go figure!

First of all, thanks to everyone who left comments on my Q&A with Loraine Despres. I can’t wait to read her book for the virtual book club!

There were eight people who left comments and I am giving away two of her autographed bookplates. I combined the comments from both days and used to generate the numbers of the winners. They were #5 and #6, so congratulations, which were Allison and Janice. BUT…Allison graciously turned hers back in since she got this read from the library. 

So–I turned to once again and this time pulled the lucky #4, which is Sandy! I’ll get the book plates in the mail right away. 

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