Family Space

As a work-at-home freelancer, I often have to remind myself that I’m the one who sometimes intrudes on the family space and not that the family is invading my workspace. 


I recently found myself telling my husband the hockey game he was watching was making it hard for me to concentrate on the story I was editing.  Then I realized that I was in the family room—the only room in the house with a t.v, sofa and high definition cable. I could write anywhere else in the house, but my hubby couldn’t watch the game from my office, the kitchen table or the living room.  

I try to avoid working with my son on my lap, but it does occasionally happen. When it does, I try to be patient—even when he decides to help me type. He is used to our time together being his and doesn’t understand when I say, “Just let me finish this e-mail.” 
Knowing when I’m the one who needs to retreat and seek out different space helps keep frustration at bay—for all of us. Sometimes I can put in my earphones, listen to music and still be in the family space while writing, but other times, there is no place like my office desk to keep me focused and my hubby and son happy. 


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