When It Isn’t the Right Fit

Every so often, a potential project comes along that just isn’t the right fit. As a freelancer, it is always hard to turn down work. But I’ve found that it is even worse to take on a project that I can’t commit to 100 percent or that doesn’t tap into the expertise I can bring to the table.
For the past few weeks I’ve been talking with a company about some opportunities they have available. I’ve enjoyed the people I talked to and think they would be great to work for, yet the project isn’t right for me at this time. As hard as it was to say no, it was great to walk away from a negotiation knowing that I’ve been completely honest and feeling like the other party was completely honest as well. It was the perfect example of how negotiations should go and how one can turn down a project while still leaving the door open for future opportunities. You never know when they might have the project that will align perfectly with my skills. 

2 thoughts on “When It Isn’t the Right Fit

  1. You are so smart to turn down writing assignments that don’t excite you, because if you aren’t interested your readers won’t be either.

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