Living: Learning the Ropes at Soccer

Three weeks ago I became a soccer mom. When did my little guy become old enough for this? I still don’t think it is possible. 

He is learning to be a part of a team, how to dribble a soccer ball and how to score a goal. But I’m learning, too. 

I’m learning to stand back and cheer from the sidelines. 

I’m learning to let the coach do the coaching. 

I’m learning that toddlers are easily distracted from the task at hand, which also means I’m learning to capture the little moments of the game from afar so I don’t become one of those distractions. 

I’m learning that crackers and a water bottle are soccer necessities. 


And I’m learning how to get through a whole game without shedding a tear when I catch special moments like this one. It isn’t easy. 

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