Living: Celebrating My Mom

My mom…

-is my best friend, my biggest fan and the first person I call each morning

-treats everyone like family

-taught me that some things aren’t worth fighting over, some things are and that knowing the difference will save you a lot of heartache

-loves my little guy as much as I do

-is proud of her kids 

-makes the best strawberry rhubarb pie, hot rolls and chicken noodle soup

-makes everyone feel welcome

-let’s my guy have the things his mama denies him

-has fun everywhere she goes

-makes everything special

-knows how to iron a dress shirt, sew on a button and hem pants, but also accepts that there is nothing wrong with letting the dry cleaner do it 

-loves living life


-forgives me when I’m tired and cranky

-tells me I can sing

-worries about my dad more than he’ll ever know

-cares about my hubby as if he were her own son

-loves to laugh

-looks for a silver lining

-always takes my side, even if I am wrong

-is the most beautiful and amazing person I know

Happy Mother’s Day, mom! I love you! 

4 thoughts on “Living: Celebrating My Mom

  1. What a nice tribute to your mother, Mindy. I’m so glad you are having a girl so you can have this same type of closeness and relationship, as much as we love our sons and feel close to them it isn’t the same. I’m a little envious but so happy you have such a wonderful mother/daughter relationships, treasure it not all daughters have this with their mothers. Happy Mother’s Day, I’m off to work.

  2. Great post, wonderful pictures! Your Mom IS amazing…and I’ll second the strawberry-rhubarb pie motion! Lov ya !!

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