Reading: What is on Your Nightstand?

Right now I’m loving Alice McDermott’s novel After This. Her descriptions are so beautiful. I hope to finish it tomorrow, so I’ll talk about it more later. But, I want to know, what are you reading right now and what is on your to-read list? I just added Tinkers by Paul Harding to mine after reading this article about Harding’s path to getting published. I’m also looking forward to Allison Winn Scotch’s latest novel that comes out soon. She is giving away another chance to win a copy on her blog. 

4 thoughts on “Reading: What is on Your Nightstand?

  1. Just finished reading When Crickets Cry and while in Hawaii read the 974 page book Pillars of the Earth, set back int he 11th Century, both very good.

  2. Just finished Jodi Picoult’s Nineteen Minutes, excellent as all her books are. Reading the above comment, I also really enjoyed Pillars of the Earth and the sequel World Without End.

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