Living: Things I Love

In addition to adoring my newborn baby girl, there are several things I am loving this week. Here are just a few:

All the spoiling my little guy received from his grandma. Tic Tacs, new toys and some extra love have helped ease the pain of sharing his mama’s time.

Hearing my guy sing to his sister.

Feeling like this is the exact place in my life that I am supposed to be right now and savoring the moments–even when both kids are crying.

The Vascular Birthmark Institute in New York and Dr. Milton Waner. Dr. Waner gave us answers and comfort when we treated my little guy’s hemangioma three years ago and we are turning to him again now that baby girl has one too. If you want to learn about a truly amazing person, watch the segment on Dr. Waner on MSNBC’s documentary Changing Face:


Baby girl’s new tutu courtesy of her Uncle Duane and Aunt Maria. 


I also loved getting to spend some time with my big brother and I am grateful he didn’t share any "big brother horror stories" with my little guy. 

My mini Kenney Chesney and the happiness bubbles can bring.



5 thoughts on “Living: Things I Love

  1. I love all of those things for you to. Your family is beautiful. Baby Girl looks like the perfect little baby doll and that tutu is more than adorable!

  2. Our daughter, Sydney, was born with segmental hemangiomas. We met with 10 doctors prior to meeting Dr. Waner, none of them knew what to do about the birthmarks Sydney had.

    Dr. Waner diagnosed Sydney within seconds of meeting her, and recommended a course of treatment contrary to the popular “wait
    and see” approach.

    We could tell right away that we found the right guy to take care of our baby. We put complete faith in Dr. Waner and entrusted our daughter’s life to

    Dr. Waner coordinated with Drs. Blei, Presti, Hrdlika, and Steele, who we have come to refer to as the “Dream Team.”

    Sydney underwent 10 Laser treatments before she was 1 year old, and was on steroids for most of that time. The hemangiomas were present on both sides of her face, her neck and back, the majority of her right leg, and on her bottom as well. The hemangiomas were in her mouth and ears and
    grew to obstruct nearly 60% of her airway.

    Today, Sydney is a thriving 2½ year old little girl. Just by looking at her, you could imagine what she went thru.

    Our family is forever indebted to Dr. Waner and the Dream Team for intervening early and saving Sydney’s life.

    Waner Children’s Vascular Anomaly Foundation’s website is

    The Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York’s website is

    Dr. Waner’s facebook page is!/gr… please check it out and become a fan.

  3. Jamie–I’ll let you borrow the tutu!

    Jeremy–Thank you for your comment. Dr. Waner is the epitome of a real-life hero. He has helped so many families. The day we met him I knew that I could trust him to take care of my little guy and even though I’m heartbroken that my little girl has a hemangioma, too, I’m so grateful that we know where to turn. Thanks for the additional links. I hope they can help other families who have to deal with hemangiomas and vascular birthmarks.

  4. Jeremy–I just watched your You Tube video. It made me cry! Sydney is such a little cutie. I’m so happy Dr. Waner was able to help you. It is amazing how quickly the hemangiomas grow.

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