Living: Surviving New York

Last week we loaded up the car and headed for New York City with the sole mission of taking baby Madelyn to see vascular specialist Dr. Milton Waner for her hemangioma–a type of vascular birthmark–on her arm. 

To add to the difficulty…I mean fun, we decided to take the kiddos to see a few of the sites while we were there. We started in Times Square and craned our necks upwards as we pointed out all the skyscrapers to my little guy. He kept asking, “Are these real skyscrapers?” We assured him that were. 


 Just a little tip–a carrier is a much better option than a stroller in New York. Plus, it is oh-so snuggly. Next we ventured to the Empire State Building. The wait was excruciating, but nothing some Dum Dum suckers, Nemo fruit snacks and a juice box couldn’t cure. The view from the top was worth it.


 I just love the little boy posing next to me in the picture.  

On Day Two we headed off to visit Dr. Waner. Baby girl was a candidate for laser surgery, so the office arranged for us to get in the next day. Hemangiomas grow fast, so time is of the essence.  We snapped a quick pic of Dr. Waner with Madelyn. (The picture of my guy with Dr. Waner on the day of his surgery is up on the Vascular Birthmark Institute’s website).  


 Miss Madelyn did great and both kids were so worn out from our days-o-fun that they slept the whole way home. Whew! 

We’re about a week out of surgery and my hubby and I both think it looks like the hemangioma is still growing. Boo. We will watch it for two more weeks, then consult with Dr. Waner about the need for another surgery. Hopefully it will start fading this week. Send good thoughts our way! 

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  1. Mindy! I didn’t realize you were going through all of this! You always handle things so well. You amaze me. I will say my prayers this week for baby Madelyn.

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