Living: A Retreat


Pronunciation: ri-ˈtrēt
Function: noun
1 : an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous or disagreeable
2 : a place of privacy or safety
While life with a three year old and an infant isn’t necessarily dangerous or disagreeable, it has been, at times, difficult. A little one who eats every three hours on the dot and has an amazing set of lungs along with a little guy who sometimes struggles with sharing his mommy’s attention and a sweet hubby who often has to work late have left me a bit exhausted. So, I sought solace in a mini retreat at my parents’ house. 

Nearly two weeks of my mom’s cooking, kind words and extra help definitely soothed my soul. We baked, chatted, played and just relaxed.

My mom rocked my baby to sleep, changed diapers and relieved me (more than once) when Miss Madelyn refused to go back to sleep after her three a.m. feeding. Mimi, as my mom is called, made sure my little guy got breakfast each morning, took him on special adventures and showered him with love.

It was so much fun to watch her with my kids, and her extra help let me catch up on some rest and work. I even got to sneak in a little reading and take my little guy to the park sans his sister, which he loved.

Every time I am “home” I struggle with dividing my time between visiting friends and extended family or spending every possible minute with my parents. On this trip being with my folks won out (except for a few days I spent with my in-laws so they could see the kiddos), and I hope everyone understands. The time went too quickly, as always. It feels like we’re always on the run and the next month is no different. It is jam packed with work deadlines, a family lake vacation, another surgery for Madelyn and some well-child check ups. I’ve always said that I like to stay busy! This month will put it to the test. 

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