Against My Better Judgement

I distrust wildlife. I like to keep a safe distance between myself and any wild animal—and by wild I mean anything other than a domesticated cat or dog that belongs to someone I know and trust. But, I was won over by the little chipmunks on my parents’ property during my Utah vacation. My dad has been feeding them for years and finally has them eating peanuts out of his hand.

After some encouragement from my dad, I gave it a try.

And, we even let the kiddos feed the furry creatures (my niece’s little ones are on the left—my little guy is on the right).


Guess what? We all lived and no one had to get a rabies shot—if a rabies shot is what you’d get if you were bitten by a chipmunk. The little things were actually kind of cute. Right up until they stole my little guy’s shoe, chewed some holes in it and left it out in the great wide open. But that’s another story for another day.

One thought on “Against My Better Judgement

  1. Well…at least you know what happened to the shoe. I’ve been wondering where it went. You were brave to feed the chipmunks. They were cute, but they scared me. Don’t tell my kids!

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