Creating: An Athlete

My little guy is growing up. Sometimes the reminders are subtle, but other times I look at him and his latest achievement and realize that he is a kid—a real kid—and there is no baby left inside of him. Saturday was one of those days. Evan and Bryan embarked on a father/son ice skating adventure. They hit the ice and neither one of them looked back. Seeing my guy out there made me realize he is getting bigger and bigger every day. Luckily, I was too busy smiling, laughing and taking pictures to feel sad about how quickly time passes. There are so many things I miss from Evan’s baby and toddler days, but making memories like this…

helps ease my pain. Then I hold on tight to Madelyn, kiss her chubby little baby cheeks and try to get her to promise that she won’t ever grow up. She hasn’t answered me yet. 

One thought on “Creating: An Athlete

  1. Hi Mindy –
    They do grow up fast. Although, my 12 year old can seemingly revert to a much younger age at the drop of a hat.

    I think the website field is working the way you want it now.

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