Creating: The Perfect Party

I have never thrown the perfect party. I usually end up forgetting to serve at least one dish or running out of time to create all the little details I love so much. But, my friend Sarah on the other hand, does throw the best parties. She creates the cutest little things and launched her own party planning business, Sheek Shindigs. I’m lucky enough to get invited to some of her events.

Hopefully she’ll keep inviting me. I showed up an hour late to the last party she threw. The worst part was I thought I was walking in right on time, which I would have been if the party started at eleven. But it didn’t. It started at ten. It was on the eleventh. That means I spent the next hour feeling foolish. I hate being late. I really hate it. I think it comes from earning a living meeting deadlines.

Anyway, back to creating the perfect party. Take a look at Sarah’s blog for some great party ideas. She shares her own ideas and some of the best ones she finds online. I took the picture above at her Easter party. I was on time for that one! I am going to hire her the next time I throw a party. This week Sarah is giving away an adorable ceramic cupcake, so be sure to enter. I say that, but secretly I am hoping I win, because it is a really cute cupcake!

Oh—and, I do feel like I need to add that the week when I showed up late for Sarah’s popsicle party was a very hectic one at our house as my hubby and baby girl both had surgery within a few days of each other. I don’t want you to think I’m a complete flake!


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