The Perfect Family Photo

I just booked a family photo session and I’m already nervous. It has been two years since our last family photo. There are several reasons for this. The first is that I hate my hair. I’ve always hated my hair. I think it all started when I was three years old and used the kitchen shears to cut my bangs to the scalp. Things haven’t improved much since then.

The other reason family photo shoots send fear down my spine is that I do a horrible job of coordinating outfits. I see all of those other cute family pics where everyone is wearing a white shirt and blue jeans or coordinating sweaters and I suddenly feel inept. I think a big part of the problem is that I rarely allow enough time for finding new clothes for a photo, so I usually end up trying to coordinate the best I can from our existing wardrobes. And let me tell you, it is slim pickings around here.

So, this year we have plenty of time for me to perfect the family photo ensemble. But, I need your help. Do you coordinate the whole clan for photos? Where do you shop? What do you look for? Tell me, tell me, how do you do it? I know there must be some trick and I need in on the secret.

We’re hoping to do an outdoor shoot in early December, so I need something warm for everyone and possibly even hats for the kids. Send me your advice!

9 thoughts on “The Perfect Family Photo

  1. Love your blogs…not able to send advice on family pics, but I’m sensing a motive in your outdoor choice….hats for all (AND they would cover your hair ) ;D j/k Your darling family takes very cute pics!!

  2. Mindy, you don’t need to worry about your hair, it’s always just right. Your biggest concern is getting Bryan to cooperate and smile! If you get that you’ve mastered the task at hand.

  3. Oh I think this type of anxiety is genetic. I always work myself into a panic too and never feel like I did the matching correctly and that other people’s pics are so much better than mine, and I hate my hair!. One place that I love to shop at for the whole family is Sears. I’ve done that a couple of times and start with the kids first then it’s usually not hard to find something for me and Mike to semi match it. But like I said, I have never felt like I got it quite right so good luck and I think hats would be adorable.

    • Your pictures are always so cute. I was thinking of your family pic when you all wore yellow. It was so cheery. I think everyone must worry about it. My niece e-mailed me and said she and her hubby were just discussing their outfits for their family photo. At least I’m not alone. Thanks for the tip on Sears, too.

    • Oh! Thank you, Amy. I love the links. The props in the Design Mom post are so cute. I think I will take some cupcakes along for our photo. Thank you for sharing!

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