A Full Plate

Hello blogland! Where does the time go? My plate has been full of work projects and family activities. Something had to give and it was this little blog of mine. I had all kinds of fun little Halloween posts written in my mind, but they never found their way to the Internet. Darn. Maybe I’ll share them anyway just in case anyone wants to get a jump on next year.

Here is what has been demanding my attention lately: 

On the Work Front: Sometimes I’m blown away about how much fun I have as a freelancer—not to mention how much work it takes. I’ve been so lucky to have several interesting assignments lately. During the past two weeks I’ve interviewed 30 or so experts and written about everything from video games (Assasin’s Creed Brotherhood—to be exact) to cargo security. I need to do a better job of updating my site with recent articles, so I’ll be sure to post a few once I get the latest hard copies. 

On the Family Front: We had our fifth, and hopefully final, trip to New York for surgery on Miss Madelyn’s hemangioma. Whew. Hearing the doctor say this should be it lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. We’ll continue to watch what’s left of the hemangioma closely and head back to New York right away if it starts growing. In the meantime, I’m going to let out a sigh of relief.

My little kiddos and I have been spending lots of time in the kitchen lately, creating more of our concoctions and whipping up Halloween treats for family and friends. Pictures to come…eventually. I hope to resume a regular blogging schedule on Friday! 

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