Thanksgiving Placecards

My kiddos and I whipped up some little place cards for our Thanksgiving table today, and I scanned in a couple so my mom can print them for her table, too. I just have to add some legs, beaks and waddles to these little guys and they’ll be ready to go. Each one is a custom print. 

Painting with Evan is always a messy endeavor. 

He loves to mix the paints together to see what colors they make.

Then he spreads the paint up his arms and starts reciting lines from his Spiderman movie. He is very serious about the entire process.

It makes me smile. It also makes me cringe a little since I know I’ll have an extra load of laundry to do tonight. I think it is worth it though because on Thursday when I sit these little guys on the table, I will have forgotten all about the laundry. At least that is what I’m telling myself right now as my washer and dryer hum away in the background.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Placecards

  1. Those are absolutely adorable. You always find the best ideas! I loved reading your post about getting to live the magic and fun of life again through Evan. I feel the same way about my kids. Every Christmas, I feel as though Santa has really been to our house. So much fun!

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