Goodbye Christmas

As the year winds down, I am still slowly saying goodbye to Christmas. This year’s holiday was filled will family, food and fun memories. My parents flew home this morning and my brother left earlier this week. It is always so hard to hug goodbye curbside at the airport, but it is a necessary evil when miles separate you. The plus side is that the distance between us makes us value our time together and we strive to eek out every minute.

Santa was good to us and the living room still looks like Jolly Old St. Nick’s sleigh tipped over during his visit. 

As expected, my kiddos were enamored with the gift wrap and boxes their treasures came in. 

On Christmas Eve we tracked Santa via NORAD’s official Santa Tracker and our world globe (if you haven’t started this tradition with your family, you should!).


On Christmas Eve we made homemade root beer (an all-time favorite family tradition of mine) and feasted on cookies. 


Madelyn learned how to play horsey and bounce on her Grandpa Jerry’s knee. Evan showed the grandparents how well he can ice skate and melted their hearts when he asked them if they could come back and visit again soon.


Amidst all of the holiday festivities I was able to wrap up a couple of looming work projects and get a jump start on a story I plan to tackle next week. I was even able to sneak in some pleasure reading—a rare luxury these days.

Once again I was reminded that life is good. I have a family I adore and work I love. I hope your holiday was as memorable as mine and full of life’s little joys. 

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