Pat the Puppy, Bunny and Cat

Shhh….don’t tell Evan, but I let Madelyn read his copies of Pat the PuppyPat the Cat and Pat the Bunny books last week. These are some of Evan’s favorites, so I know he’d reach over and rescue them from Madelyn’s grip if he knew she liked them. And definitely don’t mention that the corner of one the books ended up in Madelyn’s mouth. It will be our secret.

These have been some of Evan’s favorites for years. He knows every word in each of them and heaven help me if I can only find Pat the Puppy when he is in the mood for Pat the Bunny. Tears. Tears I tell you. I try to make sure all of our Pat books are together on the shelf to reduce the risk of a pre-bedtime meltdown. Have any of you read the Pat the Pony or Tickle the Pig books in this series (if you can call it a series)? I’ve seen them on Amazon but I haven’t read them yet. They might be good additions to our collection. 

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