Some Current Faves

Re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird: I read this book at least once a year and each time I wish I could be reading it for the first time. Diapers, wipes and baby wash delivered right to my door—you can’t beat it!

AP Stylebook Online: The AP Stylebook is a journalist’s bible. With the online version, I can find answers to my questions with the click of a mouse and it is with me no matter where I take my laptop.

Cook-in-the-bag veggies: Steamfresh vegetables let me get something green (or orange or yellow) on the table each night and I don’t even have to wash the pan afterward. Now if only my microwave wasn’t on the fritz. 

Bath time: My kiddos have just started bathing together. I save time, they play and Evan usually makes me laugh with his witty comments. The therapy they may need one day will be worth it. 

Caffeine: I always love caffeine, but it has been especially important this week since Baby Girl has been waking up four times a night. 

Web sleuthing for party ideas: My little guy turns four soon and he is head over heels about his superhero themed birthday party. I hope not to disappoint.

This SNL clip about snow in New York: You’ll laugh. I promise.  

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