The Rush

I love the rush that comes with pending deadlines and trying to beat the clock. I think that is what drew me to journalism in the first place. I am in the zone this week as I just picked up a high-priority project for one of my amazing clients. Starting Thursday I am leaving the comfort of my home office and heading to my old stomping grounds to work on-site with my former co-workers. I am thrilled to be in the trenches with them again and working together face-to-face instead of via e-mail.

Blog posting likely will be light (i.e. non existent) as I focus my efforts on coming through for my client and prepping my family for the week ahead. Now that someone else will be reaching into the pantry to fix my kids’ lunch, I suddenly realize how disorganized it is. But there is no time to worry about that now! I’m too busy focusing on the task at hand. Luckily those who will be taking care of my kiddos for the next little while love me as much as they love my kids and will overlook my household imperfections.

I hope the rest of your week is as exciting as I think mine will be! Happy weekending, if I don’t touch base before then. If you’re free on Saturday night, check out America’s Most Wanted. The best man from our wedding, who is also an FBI agent, will be working the phones as AMW tries to help him track down a criminal from one of his cases. I’ll be watching, which means I’ll be looking over my shoulder and sleeping with the lights on for the next two weeks. 

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