An Awesome Book from my Bookshelf

You know those little things that make you smile—like twisting the lid off the jar when no one else could and getting buried under a pile of blankets on a cold night? Neil Pasricha is a genius and compiles them all in his book, The Book of Awesome, and on his blog, 1,000 Awesome Things

My sweet friend Sandy gave me the book last year and it instantly became one of my favorites (hence all of the fingerprint smudges on the cover). I smile every time I read it. I love paying attention to the little things in life and this book inspires me to notice the awesome things all around me.

While the book was gift enough, Sandy took it to the next level and slipped customized notes into the pages of the book. They recount memories of each other—talking on the phone late at night and road trips we’ve taken together. She also let me know she is hoping I can get some much needed sleep! 

A friend that gives you a perfect gift and then makes it even better with a personal touch? AWESOME! Thank you, Sandy, for adding this great book to my bookshelf. I love it! Thanks, too, for being such a great friend. 

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