Happy Birthday Bryan

Today is my sweet hubby’s birthday. Here is a little look at just a few of the things I love about him. 
He is smart. I secretly love to hear him talk accounting. Every so often I get to listen in when he takes a call from home and I am always impressed. 
He takes care of our family. He always has a plan and I love knowing he thinks through all of our major decisions.
He loves Cops and will watch it anytime it is on. 
He creates Excel spreadsheets with our family budget and quizzes me on it weekly. I actually think its kind of cute. 
He is funny. He makes me laugh and I love his sense of humor. 
He let’s me entertain my every whim. When we lived in Illinois he tried to teach me how to play baseball. It was my idea, and he patiently pitched over and over while I swung away without ever actually hitting the ball. He didn’t complain when I hung up the new bat and put away the ball never to get them out again. 

He has boys’ days with Evan. They usually involves Dunkin Donuts, ice skating and/or the Lego store. Evan loves it. 
He let’s me steal the covers. Sometimes he takes them back, but more often than not, he let’s me have them.
He always shares his Twix. He doesn’t mind when I steal a sip of his Diet Coke and he always brings me home dessert when the company takes him out for a nice dinner.  

Happy birthday, Bryan. Thanks for being such a great hubby and an excellent daddy.  

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