Happy Monday

Yeah! Monday again. I love Mondays because they get me back in a routine after the weekend free-for-alls we tend to have around our house. Do you keep a schedule on the weekends? I would like to, but it is impossible. This weekend was especially busy as we celebrated my little guy turning four. It involved lots of baking, lots of noise and a REAL bike with a bell (thank you, thank you, thank you Grandma Betty and Papa Stu for giving Evan a bike for his birthday).

Between a hectic work schedule and birthday prep, I’m still recovering. I always think of things I plan to do "when things slow down," but it seems like they never do. All in all, I think that is a good thing. Life is meant to be lived. I prefer to pack in as much as I can, even if it means I’m a few weeks behind on those blog posts I’ve been carefully crafting in my head. They make it up here sooner or later! 

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