Kid-Friendly Office Space

This corner desk for my little guy is one of the best features in my home office. As much as I try to avoid working with my kids in the room, there are times when it is unavoidable. This desk and the Fisher Price Cool School Computer were gifts from my in laws, and now Evan has his own place to work. We spruced up his "office" with his original artwork that we can rotate out as new creations come home from preschool. Now he gets right to work when "we" have important projects we’re trying to wrap up.

Madelyn’s workstation is her Jumperoo, which is positioned between my desk and Evan’s. Now I can get a solid 30 minutes of screen time in when necessary. Phone calls, however, are out. Between the music from the computer and the Jumperoo, it sounds like you’re in the middle of a Chuck E Cheese. But for sending e-mails or proofreading a final draft of a story, it’s perfect! 


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