Red Hearts, Sources and Special Occasion Planning

This week:

–I am bound and determined to add some Valentine’s flair to our house. I love the 3-D garland above from Pottery Barn Kids. It isn’t available anymore, so I might tackle it as a DIY project. 

–I hope to find sources to talk to me about resonant macrosonic synthesis for a feature due next week. It is turning out to be even harder than I thought it would be. Any recommendations are welcome.

–I will catch up on e-mail and phone calls. I can’t thank my friends enough for being patient with me! You know who you are!

–I have to clean like crazy. I think every room in my house needs attention. 

–I might shed a tear when I attend an open house to learn more about kindergarten options for Evan. When did my baby stop being a baby? 

–I am going to try not to get distracted by the new-to-me blog the Nie Nie Dialogues

–My little guy and I will pen Valentine’s cards for his class. 

–I will plot out birthday plans for the special boys in my life. Their special days are coming up fast.


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