The Power of a Snapshot

Ten years ago, I stood in this spot and shot broadcast stand ups for a CBS station in Vermont. With the Capitol as my backdrop, I told stories about Sen. Jim Jeffords switching political parties and Paul McCartney lobbying on Capitol Hill. I tracked bills and told the folks back home how the latest legislation would affect them. I was obsessed with news and loved that I got to be on the front lines.  

Today I stood in the same spot and held my baby girl. I pulled her hat over her ears and put gloves on her hands. I kissed her chubby cheeks and wiped drool from her chin.

With the Capitol in the background once again, I thought about my life then—in broadcast—and my life now as a mom and a freelance writer. How very lucky I am to have already had three of my life dreams come true. Sometimes I forget to count my blessings. Sometimes I need a simple reminder, and a snapshot can be a very powerful tool.

Why is it that most of my photos live in my computer or buried in a box? Do yours, too? I think it is time to go on a little archeological dig and unearth the photos that have special meaning and put them out where we can see them. Reminders of all that we’ve accomplished and the things we hold dear can be powerful things. 


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