Favorite Read: There’s a Wocket in my Pocket

Last week, while our pizza dough was rising, my kiddos and I sprawled out in the living room with a stack of books and bowls of Cheerios. There’s a Wocket in my Pocket by Dr. Seuss took center stage. Any Dr. Seuss book is a favorite in our house, but this one has been especially popular lately. 

We had so much fun munching and reading while we waited for our next job in the kitchen.

I was tempted to sneak away to my computer to catch up on e-mail with the little bit of "downtime" we had, but I’m so glad I didn’t.

I’ve been trying to live in the moment with my little ones a little more. They truly are so much fun to be with. These pictures don’t do our little book fest justice, but let me tell you, we had a blast. So much so that I think I’m going to start trying to plan every meal so we have 20-30 minutes of book time before we sit down to eat. It is optimistic, but it would be great if I could find a way to make it happen. 



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