What’s Brewing at Our House


–The past month has been the busiest I’ve ever had as a freelancer. All of my project that are brewing right now will be complete and turned in by Wednesday afternoon next week. I’m going to celebrate by writing for fun, reading blogs and watching some junk TV (Jersey Shore, here I come!). 
–The tech-heavy article I am writing on alternative refrigeration power sources is finally coming together. I’ve learned so much and can’t believe the amazing things scientists are doing. Did you know you can use waste heat from a truck engine to create cool air? 
–Yesterday I packed my bags and flew to Florida. Today I’ll be speaking on a panel about trends in fuel and freight, and growth opportunities for highway-based businesses. I can’t wait to learn from everyone else and share what I know. I’m also as nervous as can be. I need to practice my presentation about 50 more times in the next few hours. 
–We’re starting the much-dreaded (on my part) process of breaking Madelyn of her pacifier. I’ve suspected it was a problem, but both the pediatrician and a pediatric dentist told me this week we should give it the heave-ho. While the paci didn’t cause the growth issues with her mouth, it isn’t helping things. 
–On the bright side, I’m in Florida for four days, which means I won’t be here for the worst of the paci-detox we’re sure to endure. Part of me is sad that I won’t be here to comfort my little sweetie, but I won’t lie, I’m looking forward to missing all of the crying. I’m hoping Bryan will take this opportunity to re-train Madelyn on the sleep front. Hint, hint. 
–My mom and brother flew in to watch my kiddos while I work. Thanks, mom, for coming to the rescue! And, Uncle Duane, you know how much Evan loves to play superheroes with you. Thanks.
–Birthday prep for my hubby and my little guy is underway. I have to wrap up Bryan’s shopping before I leave since I return home on his actual b-day. By next weekend, I need to whip up 17 superhero capes for Evan’s four-year-old birthday bash. That may or may not happen.  I’ll keep you posted. 
–My friends have been in the news lately! My friend Marie is quoted in this Time article on Why Biofuels Help Push Up World Food Prices (it is an interesting piece). My cousin’s hubby is featured in this article in the Wall Street Journal on watching the Super Bowl via DVR.
Stay tuned. I’ll be posting more next week about flying without kids for the first time in almost four years (those airplane lavatories seem so much bigger when there isn’t a preschooler and infant tagging along with you), speaking in front of a large group and, of course, the birthday plans. 

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