Our Current Simple Joys

Packing peanuts:: Well—at least one of us is enjoying them.

Reading:: I picked up a novel for the first time in a long time and it is making me remember why I love the written word.

Popcorn:: The hubby and I have been devouring a bowl every night—with butter. Now if I could just figure out why my jeans are a little snug…

Thoughts of Spring:: Daffodils, crocuses and tulips are starting to peak through the soil in our yard assuring us Spring is on its way.

A new Sleep Number bed:: When you only get five hours of sleep a night (in 2.5-hour blocks) they better be good! Right now my magic number appears to be 35.

The weekend:: We are in dire need of some weekending around here. This one appears to include a mother-son movie date, cookie baking and (unfortunately) piles of laundry. Oh, and some sweeping (see related entry above on packing peanuts). 

What are your current simple joys? Please share! 

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