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Spring has me longing for the summer fun that is waiting for us. Last year the sprinklers were a bit hit with my little guy. I’m sure they will be again this year, and the warmer weather has thinking of the make over our backyard desperately needs. My hubby has already re-seeded the lawn and I have a new paint shade in mind for our picnic table and chairs. But more than anything, this year I want our backyard to be a land of fun and discovery.

I’m brainstorming ways to transform our space into an outdoor wonderland—on a budget of course. I’ve found some great inspiration via Google.

I think these teepees are super cute. I can also picture a swing hanging from our tree.  I like this how-to on building a tire swing from Popular Mechanics. This is a great Popular Mechanics article on building your own backyard games. And, last but not least, isn’t this PVC pipe “kid wash” a fun idea?

I’d love to have you help me brainstorm my backyard additions. What is your favorite part of your backyard? Do you have any ideas to share? 

3 thoughts on “Outdoor Inspiration

  1. Those teepees are adorable. If you make one, let me know how hard it was. My kids would freak out if they had one. We just hired a company to finish our backyard and they started today. I’ll let you know my favorite part soon. 🙂

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