Waving Goodbye to Daddy

If you’re in my living room at 8:00 a.m. on a weekday, this is the view that you’ll see. 

These two little ones stand at the door, waving and watching intently until their daddy’s car is out of view. Evan usually calls Bryan back two or three times. "Daddy, I just have one more thing to tell you," he says. Then he quickly makes something up. "The trees have leaves," he’ll say with a grin. "Wait, now I have something to give you." Then he wraps his arms around his dad’s legs, which sometimes gets peanut butter on Bryan’s pants. It all depends on whether or not Evan has had breakfast yet. The whole routine usually delays Bryan by at least ten minutes, but it is pretty cute to watch. It also makes me grateful that instead of commuting in D.C. traffic, I spend the next hour getting the kids dressed, packing Evan’s lunch and taking a five-minute drive to the church where Evan goes to preschool. It sure beats sitting in traffic. Being able to ditch my morning drive time is definitely one of the top five reasons I love working from home.  

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