Skipping Happy Hour


When you’re building a business around your kids’ schedules, you spend every night and weekend working—at least I do. That means I frequently find myself having to turn down fun invitations from friends. Just this week I had to make apologies several times because of work responsibilities. 
The hours between 8 p.m. (bedtime at our house) and midnight are precious. I write stories based on interviews I wrapped up during business hours, reply to email and review my calendar for the day ahead. While a happy hour or night out with girlfriends would be far more fun, I know I have to stay focused on my business (and the four upcoming deadlines on my calendar) to make it a success. 
When I first started freelancing, I found myself being a tad resentful from time to time, but I’ve shifted my attitude and find myself repeating some words of wisdom my grandpa passed on—the chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what we want most for what we want at the moment. 
Tonight when I sit at my desk reviewing notes and working on a feature about fuel, I may find myself wishing I was sipping a glass of wine with girlfriends, but I will also know that I am working toward my ultimate goal of building a career while raising my family. Careers are built one story and one day at a time. At this point in my life, I work nights so I can enjoy the days with my little ones. One day soon that will shift, and I’m eager to see what my career and my kids look like as a result of the time I am investing in them both now. 
*Photo by Roger Kirby courtesy of istockphoto. 


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