The Time Trap Known as Target

Hello. My name is Mindy and it has been three days since my last trip to Target. Before that, it was four months. It only took one Target-induced hangover (pounding headache and all) to make me remember why I quit shopping at most bricks-and-mortar stores. I browse, I wander, and I end up spending way too much time with my four year old on the toy aisle (because I am not about to spend my kids' precious preschool hours running errands). In other words, I waste valuable time. What’s more, I walk out with a Star Wars t-shirt and a two-foot tall light-up jack-o-lantern that weren’t on my shopping list.

Online shopping is a key time management tool for me. I’ve had everything from root beer to mouthwash delivered to my front door over the past few months. Don't get me wrong. I used to enjoy shopping, but that was before I had two kids along for the ride and my own business. Now, I shop via computer screen and wait for UPS to deliver my treasures. 

Sometimes I think I miss browsing the shelves at retail stores, which is why I fall off the wagon every so often. But the fact is, online shopping saves me time that I can invest in other places. 

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