Strategic Outsourcing

As a soul proprietor, there are few things I can outsource. When it comes to the researching, writing and editing, it is all me and that is exactly how I want it. But freeing up time for work doesn’t mean you have to outsource work-related tasks. When looking at my daily to-do list, house cleaning was always on it, but I never had quite enough time to get it done right. So, I’ve outsourced it. Yippee! For $70 every two weeks, someone else comes in and takes care of the cleaning so I can devote that extra time to work or my kiddos. Of course, I still have to straighten and organize things before they get here. I’m working on outsourcing that to the rest of the family, but so far they’ve shown little interest. When I first hired a cleaning service I felt a little spoiled, but the numbers make sense. When I look at my hourly rate versus what I pay for the cleaning, I can justify the expenditure. Plus, I love knowing that for at least two days out of the month every room in my house is clean. Sometimes outsourcing just makes sense.  

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