Uncommon Women

Do you know any uncommon women? I am fortunate because my life is full of them. I’m sure yours is, too.

Uncommon women are all around us yet they manage to stand out from the crowd. They launch businesses, raise families and take risks others dream of. I see them every morning when I drop my kids off for school, I get to work with them each day and just this weekend I got to reconnect with an amazing group of them that I don’t get to see nearly enough.

Uncommon women inspire us to try something new. Whether it is dancing to Funky Cold Medina or launching a freelance writing business, uncommon women guide us out of our comfort zones. They offer their support and they cheer us on. They become our role models and our friends.

Most of the uncommon women I know make everything they do look easy, but the ones I love the most admit how hard it actually is. The best share their tricks of the trade and they’re brave enough to share their not-so-stellar moments too. Whether it is on a blog post, over a drink or while waiting in the preschool pick-up line, uncommon women offer up their insights to help the rest of us do what we do better.

The uncommon women I am lucky enough to know make me a better mom, writer and friend. I’ve met them through school, work, my husband and my kids. I’ve found them online, at my dentist office and connected through a friend of a friend. No matter how I’ve met them, I’m happy to have them in my life.

Thank you to all the ladies who encourage and inspire me every day and a special thanks to the uncommon women I got to hang out with this weekend.

I know how hard it is to spend time connecting with those around us, but every time I do, I know I am better off because of it. Now I just need to try to do it far more often. 

*Photo by Ahmed Rabea via Flickr

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