Favorites from the Week

Alexis Grant has a great post on pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

I can’t wait until writer and illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi publishes a book of her comics for writers, which she has tentatively titled Will Write for Chocolate. Her comics are always right on and the perfect way to brighten my day. This Valentine comic was a favorite this week.

Freelancer Steph Auteri reminds us to be generous with our writing community. Her post goes along well with this one from Seth Godin on the sad irony of selfishness.

Linda Formichelli (aka the Renegade Writer) shared a successful query letter on her blog along with a link to the final article. It is an awesome example and the article is a great read, especially if you’re a BPA-, perchloroethylene- and pesticide-fearing momma like me.

I can totally relate to this post about Girl Scout Cookies from freelance writer Jennifer Larson. She has pledged to buy the overpriced cookies from anyone who asks because she remembers selling them. I’m right there with her and have spent too much on Girl Scout cookies this year.


One thought on “Favorites from the Week

  1. Thanks for the the link! And can you believe it? Still no one has tried to sell me any Girl Scout cookies! My husband finally found a Kroger where a group of Scouts were selling them on Sunday and bought a couple of boxes. So much effort!

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