Freelance writer Mindy Long with her two kidsI’m Mindy. I am a write-at-home mom of two little ones. I left my corner office to be a full-time freelancer so I could take in more of the little things I love about my family. I spend my days writing features, obsessing over words and being a mama. I have been writing professionally for over 15 years and freelancing full time for the last six. You can check out my professional website at www.mindylong.com.

My days are long and a little hectic, but I love the flexibility and satisfaction that comes with running my own shop. I’d love to have you to join in my journey as I build a career while raising a family. I’d love to hear from you. Comments, ideas and questions are all welcome. Just click the comment button at the end of each post or shoot me an email at mindy [at] mindylong.com.